7 Winter Skincare Tips

For some, winter brings a glow to their skin while for some it brings a multitude of problems. From flaky skin and excessive dryness to cracks and rashes, the temperature drop can be ruthless to your skin. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy glow in your skin during winters:

Use a good moisturiser

The moisturiser that suits you during summers may not work for your skin during winters. Your skincare routine changes with the changing weather. During winters, your skin tends to lose moisture. And that is why a good quality moisturiser with Vitamin E is essential for your skin during winters. You can also use a good quality lotion or oil as a part of your daily skin care routine. The oil and moisturising cream helps create a protective layer over your skin that retains moisture. Want to buy a proper winter care moisturiser? You can now buy personal care products online at www.doorpestore.com

Use sunscreen

If you think sunscreen is only meant for the summers, then you are wrong. The winter sun equally damages your skin. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen during winters. Apply sunscreen to your face and hands and other exposed area before you go out in the sun.

Don’t forget your foot

The foot is among one of the most neglected parts of your body. During winters, the skin of your foot tends to crack. To prevent that, use foot care lotion containing petroleum jelly or glycerine. Also, use exfoliating creams to remove dead skin cells from your foot. This helps them absorb the moisturiser better and faster.

Use mild Cleaners and Toners

If your skin is very dry during winters, avoid using peel-off masks, astringent lotions, and alcohol-based toners or face masks. These can strip your skin of essential oils. Instead, buy a toner or cleanser that contains no alcohol. Avoid clay-based masks; instead, buy gels-based masks or masks containing aloe vera, lemon or cactus that have a hydrating effect on your skin.

Nourish your skin

Avoid using soap if you have dry skin, instead, use turmeric or neem based facewash to clean your face. Apply a lemon-turmeric based cream after washing it properly. If you are in your 30s, you can also use an anti-ageing serum containing Vitamins A and E. This will ensure that your skin retains a healthy glow.

Get rid of dead cells

During winters, do not forget to scrub your face occasionally to get rid of the dead skin cells. This helps in making your skin soft and supple and also facilitates better moisture absorption. However, user a gentle and mild scrubbing cream which won’t be much harsh on the skin.

Don’t forget toning

To compensate moisture loss during winter, your skin secretes more oil. So daily use a good quality mild toner to remove excess oil and keep your skin glowing.

A proper skincare routine helps the radiance on your skin. We hope that this skincare tips will help you get a healthy and glowing skin.

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